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Will There Ever Be a Cure for AIDS?

In Disease, Technology on March 8, 2011 at 6:44 pm

If you ask me, this is a ridiculous questions. The questions should be, “When will we have a cure for AIDS?” This is a classic case of linear vs. exponential thinking. With today’s technology and today’s knowledge, we would never find the cure.

Technology’s Explosive Growth

But technology, both computing power and information technology are increasing at an increasing rate (exponential increase). This means that in 25 years we could have up to 33,000,000 time more computing power than we have now. This means we could have 3300 times the computing power of the iPhone at 1/10,000th of the size (the size of a blood cell).


Think it’s possible that this kind of power could accomplish things that seem inconceivable today? Just a few months ago, a man in Germany was cured of AIDS. Wheather this was a one time deal or if it could be extended to others is a question to be answered. The fact is that this guy used to be HIV positive and now he is not.

This is why those of us who are pre-geriatric have no nead to fear age related cancers. They will be cured by the time we get to them.  What DO we need to fear? Who knows…we probably can’t even conceive of it today.  For now, we need to be looking to cure the diseases we currently have with the mindset that it’s only a matter of time.